Earrings, Ear delicacies!!!

"I-Wear by Raqui" is PROUD to announce that we are now carrying...Earrings!!!!

Some may know, and others may not know..but as history has unfolded, we started out as "Necessories by Raqui." We were a jewelry creating business, which was our initial start.

 Somewhere along our journey we lost our creative Juju, and took a Hiatus to ReDiscover ourselves and who we were and are creative niche.

 During this time a lot of prayer and meditation to place and wanted something that could display a manifest more powerfully people's individuality and in their individuality the love that they have for themselves understanding that we are all God's individual masterpieces and the freedom and power of being your individual selves.

So fast forward,👓 "I-Wear by Raqui"👓 was created and we have decided to add earrings to our repertoire to add a little spice to our brand of eyewear.

 We have created different flavours, different genres and different stories  of eaarings and frames that manifest your individual love for yourself ,your individual freedom ,and your individual power as we continue to elevate we want you to elevate as well😁







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