Wrap👑Crowns( Dhuku, Tukwi, Gele)

Rise!!!!!! Kings and Queens, Straighten your Crowns and walk with your heads held HIGH above the Clouds!!!!! 

 This New section of "Wrap Crowns" has been added to create an entire New Vibe, New groove, a lofi groove to your wardrobe.

All Wrap crowns are handcrafted with importantly fabrics from Senegal, Ghana, Japan and France. They are unisex, versatile and reversible!!!! Created with cotton, wax fabrics, each piece tells a story of my travels, my creative-inspiring journey through life, different countries, emotions & experiences.

I hope you find a piece, a crown that fits your style, flavour, your beauty, the power in your Individuality and the FREEDOM from it all!!!

👑👑👑*** Don't forget to pair it with a coordinator pair of delicious frames, and create a whole NEW WORLD OF STYLE, AND UNIVERSAL MAGIC***👑👑👑