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Custom Eyewear Brand That Brings Out The "I" In Individual

Hello beautiful people

I-Wear Customized eyeglass frames

Lensless Frames

Our lensless frames are created with 100% organic yarn and many colors/patterns are hand-dyed.

*Prescription lenses may be able to be added to some styles of frames. Contact us for details.

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Hand Painted Frames

Many of our designs are inspired by our trips around the world!

Each pair has a unique story, an ineffable feeling, like a crisp breeze across the nape of your neck... or a calming sensation when you stare up at the stars on an Indigo night.

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Studded Frames

Glam, Bling, Shine, Sparkle, Glass, Ice... call it what you like! Our studded frames are encrusted with a mix of Swarovski crystals, Czech glass crystals, glass pearls, and more! Customizable to your individual taste and suitable for prescription lenses.

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I Wear my wear by Raqui b/c Beauty Comes even in The ESSENCE of Accessories. Access the growth into your wear of "I-Wear By Raqui."

-K Renee, Model

I now own 8 pairs of her glasses and each pair is unique and beautiful!!!

I love the owner and the company and I hope one day to meet her in person to give her a great big hug and thank her for leaving love everywhere when I wear her designs.

LeeSandra Moore

Imagine getting to wear the most unique and beautiful eyewear that is vibrant, colorful, and sometimes even has an empowering message.

I-Wear by Raqui glasses make you feel like a superstar and get you compliments every time you wear them...and Raqui is a positive blessing to boot!

Assata Lee

These glasses are durable, handcrafted to perfection, show stoppers, and always the talk of the room.

Everyone has asked where did I get these one-of-a-kind frames. Thereโ€™s only one place!

Trystin Kier, The Kier Company