Salutations Beautiful People:)

My name is Raquel, or as most know me as "Raqui", and I am the Owner/CEO/Creative of "I-Wear by Raqui."  I was blessed to start my brand in 2003 as a jewelry artist, and I had a wonderfully challenging journey that lead to many trials and a creative breakdown. That breakdown had me questioning myself, my life, direction and many other things. In the midst of this, I realized I was no longer "CREATING" but 'making' accessories and that was not the language my soul spoke, that so many people related to.

So, I prayed, and prayed and prayed, asking God to bless me to create something the world had never seen before, something that would give people that door to walk through to bring about strength, grounding, self-love and pride in being their INDIVIDUAL SELVES, the way God created us all to be! 

Then in 2010, my prayers were answered and "I-Wear by Raqui" was born. 

I took my personal struggles, found the beauty in the ashes, turned my pain into passion, trials into TRIUMPH and created stories in which people could relate to, in each pair of frames that were created. This became my mission, to give people a different view of themselves and the world around them. We have been so programmed by this world, that we get sucked into a non-realistic view of who we SHOULD BE, how we SHOULD think, smell, love, eat, pray...everything except how we were designed to be....OUR INDIVIDUAL SELVES!!!

Each pair has its own story to tell, most of my inspiration is drawn from my many travels/living abroad. In this journey, I have seen the poorest to the saddest, to the most humble and the strongest to the ineffable! This journey has blessed me to live Habbakuk 2:2 out loud, putting my gift in rooms with many great people. "I-Wear by Raqui", has captured the souls and vision of many celebrities in the genres of music, art, entertainment, t.v, government etc.

Among this list of celebrities are Kym Whitley, Kirk Franklin, Fantasia, LaLa Anthony, Kim Coles, Comedian Godfrey, Eric Roberson and many more!

So, let me welcome you again to the World of "I-Wear by Raqui" where we encourage you to love your self, in all your flaws, mistakes, scares and help you see the BEAUTY, CURVES, STRENGTH, THE FIGHT,THE BLOOM in YOU!!!

                                              -Leave Love Everywhere