Thank you Raqui! I can’t say enough about your amazing eyewear! The creativity, quality and expression of ART is superb! It’s become evident that you put your heart into each masterpiece. Your customer service and prompt deliveries add to the overall great experience. 

My collection is growing and I LOVE it! Here’s to many years in business! Blessings 💋🍸

                          -C Monty(California)


  OMG is not enough!!! WOW is not enough!!! There is no word only EXPRESSIONs and LOVE that can describe the I-Wear by Raqui... The uniquely made custom glasses... give you that EXTRA Umph in your daily step! It speaks for itself! Its Uniquely made just for you!!! My girl Raqui is a jewel herself... soooo talented sooo sweet, soooo amazing! She listens and whatever you bring to her as a thought mannnn she customizes it like a Dream Come true!!! Every piece is priceless... no one can touch my glasses!!! I take pride in them lol!!! I am sooooooo addicted!!! This is my 5th pair but on my way to a million 😍😍😍

Love you Raqui... may God continue to bless you...

love always, Ebony H.



Raqui is an amazing Artist, Stylist and the consummate professional.  She is responsive and humble.  Her mission to spread love and light is felt through every digital medium she utilizes and you can see it in her smile.   


I have shared with Raqui my vision and personal need for creative expression through custom requests. She consistently customizes and creates masterpieces time after time.   I am unable to attend an event, work with a client, or simply walk the streets in my hometown without being stopped and asked about my I-Wear by Raqui. 


The purpose and passion of the I-Wear by Raqui her movement is phenomenal. I was initially drawn in by the aesthetic of the frames.  However, I am and choose to remain a loyal client. I have not met a business owner in eyewear that is as authentic Raqui Rhodes.  I am empowered every time I invest my dollars in her business.  


I love I-Wear by Raqui, I support the movement and I respect the gifting.  Not to mention, Raqui creates some of most unique frames in all the earth.  I highly recommend that one allows themselves the privilege and honor of the I-Wear by Raqui experience.  I believe she is changing our world, one frame at a time. - Walidah Haynes, SHRM-CP, PHR



I absolutely love wearing my I-Raqui! They are always the perfect accessory to any outfit. I always get compliments and/or questions about them...or friends trying to borrow them. I have been slowly building my collection since the beginning of 2015 and I know I'm not done yet! She is always evolving and developing new "I have to have it" looks. I am like a kid on Christmas when I order a pair...can't wait until they arrive. Raqui's passion for her craft is evident in every AWESOME pair she creates!😍 - Sauni



I got various glasses from iwearbyraqui and love them. The frames are perfect for me and my personality. Her designs are to die for. I wear them multiple times ever since I ordered my first pair. I am so happy to give her my customer review. Her items are always well done and well received. - Melissa James



I am so in love with my sunglasses.  I honesty wear them more than my regular “seeing” glasses & what’s crazy is that I don’t even care that I can’t see as long as my sunglasses are on😂. I constantly get compliments every time that I have them on.  I am always sharing Raqui’s contact info. - Lisa



Elegance + Class, these adjectives easily describe the theme of the day, when I'm in my I-Wear designer glasses. My I-Wear is the other accessory to the finish of my hair and make­up, giving me a specialized look that breaks through the fashion barriers. Thank you, Raqui for bringing such unique style to the frames of the face. ~ Wendy Pittman, My Bougie Baby xo Wendy Pittman | Creative Director | My Bougie Baby, LLC Mobile: 202­550­2966 www.MyBougieBaby.com "You are your best thing." ~Toni Morrison (Beloved)



When I wear my I­Wear glasses I feel pretty. I feel like I'm in charge but still pretty. These frames give me a "strut your stuff" kind of confidence. The kind of "all eyes on me" confidence. I'm light, fresh, mystical and playful. I'm free and that why I love wearing my I­Wear glasses!

~ Liz Adams ­founder of "Women who matter" empowerment organization



I love "I-Wear By Raqui" frames, truly I feel like a Supa Star when I Rock out with them...and I can't even tell u how many compliments I get...they give my whole outfit an upgrade. Thank you girl, keep creating!

~ Q of Cypahouse ­musician



When I received my designer frames by Raqui I wasn't sure how to wear them, but that's the awesome part there wasn't a right or wrong way to wear them. The moment I put them on people immediately began to notice my style and constantly asked where who and how could they obtain the same look. I'm such a supporter of these awesome frames that I plan on ordering several more pair so that I can switch them out with my wardrobe. Thank you Raqui for being so creative and creating such a stylish piece for us plain girls! 

~Shanta Barton ­Stubbs; Director of "New Image youth Center"



I love my glasses. Every time I wear them I get stopped and asked where did I get them. As a designer I love unique, different and very stylish items. I-Wear by Raqui gives me that complete look I love " I absolutely love my glasses. They give me so much personality with a pop of color. Whenever I where them people compliment me on them. They are a great asset!

~KAS ­Designer Men's Wear 



You are so awesommme Raquiii, always FEEL your good energy even thru your post/words!!! I felt compelled to share b/c I luv your envelope-pushing work!!  Luv how we build each other UP anytime we speak too 😘thank you!!!

~ Man of Many Hats



Oh my goodness. I've NEVER gotten so many compliments on an accessory. I'm going to have to have you pick out some more stuff for me. Getting brand new at 46!

As Pastor Battle at Zion would say you are working in your sweet spot. You are operating in your gift. ~ Shaunia