New Season-New Items-New Brand!!!

Salutations-Blessings-Healing-Breathing-Love to All!!!!!

I want to say a special "THANK YOU" to everyone who supports my brand albeit up close or far away. Your tags-posts-shout outs-testimonies, are such a blessing and they are the water that keeps these creating roots nurtured and growing stronger and better!

I have been on a hiatus for a bit, doing some MUCH needed healing, restoring and studying , so I can "RE-BRAND." It isn't easy running a business solo, its a constant learning and growing process. I want to make sure everything is more cohesive, connected and tells a story/stories that people can relate to.

The purpose of "I-Wear by Raqui" is to evoke POWER-LOVE-FREEDOM as being our "Individual" selves by changing your vision! I want people to know they are God's masterpieces, to stand strong in their individuality and the BEAUTY OF THAT! 

I myself, have struggled with being confident in myself, I allowed other people's 'elephants' to trample the Magnificence of A WHOLE ME! I prayed and asked God to bless me to create something that would change the world...a world where things are mass produced, where we are brainwashed into being this 'cookie-cutter' version of what the WORLD says is acceptable. A world that tells us being YOU is NOT ACCEPTABLE, they way God created you to be is wrong-ugly.

So, God blessed my anointed hands to create a movement, to pay it forward, tell a story-my story and to "LEAVE LOVE EVERYWHERE!!!"


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