Prescription Lenses

"Can I put my Prescription lenses in your creations?"

  The answer to that question...."YES, YOU CAN!"🤓     

  However, there are some restrictions to that  response... The majority of our creations can be transitioned into prescription lenses, as long as they DO NOT have designs on the lenses.

  Also, our "Lensless" frames are lensless with a purpose; so NO you can not put lenses in them..defeats our innovative purpose of them being Lensless🙃

You also have the option of sending us your prescription frames to be Adorned, Fab'd, Dripped,Transformed!

Soon, we will be able to put your prescription lenses in for the future...😉


*** We have a whole page on this topic, with sample pics of our clients who converted their frames to prescription lenses /or sent their personal prescription frames to us to have "ADORNED,DIPPED..PIMP'D..GLAM'D...DAZZLED..DRIP'D...LOL!!!***





  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • How do I order prescription lenses?

    Rose Anne Bernabe

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